Why Choose DBT?

  • We provide the lowest interest rates
  • We help to make your home energy efficient
  • We provide the friendly service that values your time
Energy Efficient Revolving Fund


  • To replace lighting systems to CFL/LED; 
  • Bicycles
  • To replace inefficient appliances like fridges, freezers and washing machines to the more efficient 3.5 star fridges and freezers and 4 star washing machines
  • To purchase Solar DC water pumps (without batteries) and an overhead water tank system to allow for gravity fed
  • To purchase the installation of an off grid solar PV systems for residential home was not connected to the grid
    • To renovate existing residential buildings for owner occupation. Items to be covered include a subsidy for:
      • To Increase more ventilation in the homes (windows and other method of construction)
      •  Energy efficient paints for roofs and walls
      • Energy efficient re-construction methods to make the inside of the house cooler (like a verandah)
    • To build a new energy efficient home.
      • 1-2 bedroom
        • Wide Roof Overhangs/ Verandahs
        • Light Roof/Wall coloring 
        • Radiant Barriers Under Roof/ Concrete Roof Coating
        • Soffit/Attic vents 
        • Louvre/ Casement/Awning Windows
        • Ceiling Fans in Living and Bedrooms
        • LED Lighting Living and Outside
        •  3 Star Rated Appliances (Fridge)
        • OPTIONAL – House Orientation East-West Roofline
        •  OPTIONAL – Shade screen
        • OPTIONAL – Window Glazing/Tint

Eligible: Any person, group of persons.

Interest Rate: 7%


  • 1 Year Minimum
  • 10 Years Maximum
Low Carbon Fund


Funds are only available for the acquisition of the following:

  • a) Any washing machine that has four (4) stars or above
  • b) Any refrigerator/ freezer hat has 3.5 stars or above
  • c) Any solar pump (does not require international standard)
  • d) T5 or T8 of four or two feet fluorescent tubes
  • e) Appliance a), b) and d) will rely on the joint labelling scheme promoted by Australia Department of Industry and Science and New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA)

Eligible: Licensed businesses and households

Interest Rate: 3%


  • 1 Year Minimum
  • 3 Years Maximum