Why save at DBT?
  • we offer a range of saving products with competitive and attractive interest rates for your saving goals
  • we offer a friendly service that values your time.
  • we prioritize in helping people and small businesses adding a better value.

Normal Saving

This saving product is to be used by all borrowers of the Bank and anyone above 18 years of age. A normal saving account comes with a passbook for our customers who prefer the traditional way of keeping track of their transactions on a day-to-day basis.

EligibilityAnyone above 18 years of age
Interest rate2.0%
Minimum deposit$10.00

Serious Saver

This saving product is designed for individuals to help achieve their saving goals with premium interests applied on certain conditions. Saving can be made easier without a passbook for customers who wish to transact without a hassle.

EligibilityIndividuals only and above 18 years of age
Interest rates2.5% – 2.75%
Minimum deposit$50.00
Withdrawals1 withdrawal per month